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Solaris' Page

On May 19, 2003, live on the internet, the lovely mare, Dia Castagnia (we called her "Anya"), gave us a beautiful black colt by Sunny Boy.  We named him "Solaris."  Then, five days later, Anya passed away, leaving our little Solaris to be raised by hand.  He was adopted by a wonderful, tiny 9 hand Sheltand/mini mare named Promise, who is teaching him with kindness all the things he needs to learn to be a good little boy.  We have come to call Solaris "Solo" and he is doing very well. On this page, we will keep all his friends updated on his progress.



While Promise was a wonderful step-mom and companion, we began to worry about how in the world we would teach Solo to eat grain when we could not leave out a bucket without Promise being able to get to it. She cannot have extra grain because of previous founder problems, so we were at a loss.  Well, one day while Promise and Solo were out grazing in the front pasture, we let our 16.1 hand Hanoverian mare, Wallstreet, out with them to see what would happen.  Wally took one look at Solo and Promise and must have thought "This just ain't right."  because she IMMEDIATELY approached Solo with a nicker and chased Promise away from him.  After deciding that Wally just might be the right adopted mom for him, we separated Solo and Promise. They called to each other for about 2 hours and then all was well.  Wally is a great mom who takes good care of Solo and we are happy to report that he soon began eating grain with milk pellets in it, so we are now only having to give him the liquid milk replacer 3-4 times during the day and not at all at night.


Solo at his Oldenburg Inspection

The pictures were captured from video and it was dark in the arena. Sorry for the poor quality, but you get the idea.  He was gorgeous and moved like a dream.  He was called back as a Premium candidate despite being a bit less developed and filled out like most his age.  That is his foster mom, Wallstreet with him.



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